Sep. 28, 2016

“The Original Black Panther Party”

We Need a New Political Party The One's We Have Present No True Solutions
50 years ago a movement was created and the established forces immediately targeted the political force because it threatened the status quo. It maintained that poor people, people of all colors deserved the same freedoms and levels of justice and economic quality as those who had shielded these essential elements of democracy from them for over 400 years. They demanded in a county in Alabama that change was going to come. Yet, those in power positions deemed this movement an aggressive enemy that needed to be extinguished. So the forces that shut out liberty and justice for all set about demolishing this true people's movement.
It is the time that we rekindle and stroke the flames of change again in this nation. It's time a 1/2 century later to bring forth those progressive ideas and align people to build that nation that these visionaries saw in Lowndes County, Alabama that swept across the country to the streets of Oakland and thrusts Huey and Bobby on the lips of many in this nation. It made the term that Stokely championed even more powerful, Black Power. Yet, the forces that saddled justice for all overtook these agents of change. They corrupted what was decent, honorable and necessary and destroyed not only the movement but along the way they terminated the quest for change in so many of our suffering communities. Those purveyors of injustice flooded our communities with drugs and weapons of immediate destruction. Before we could even blink 50 years past and our human situation has worsened.
The Covenant For Black America recites the impact of how this onslaught of unjust interventions has disfavored our communities. So it isn't necessary for me at this time to go over those facts. They are available for each and everyone who can read to read them. Those unable to read are simply victims of that vicious onslaught that has been perpetuated against us. So this afternoon emboldened by a post by my good friend Walter Fields I call for us to rekindle those dreams of union our elders sought 50 years ago. For in Lowndes County, Alabama: “The Original Black Panther Party”was formed. It marked a shift towards the belief that we as a power could manage our own communities and affairs. Let's see if that flame of hope can be relit and burn brightly again?