Oct. 3, 2016

I Guess You Can Say I'm With Her

The enemy of my enemy is my friend; screw that, the enemy of my enemy, if he is clothed in Trump's perverse world of idiocracy and mania, is definitely my enemy no matter his hue or creed. That man's body language and words that spill out hatred just call for any sane person to analyze his own sanity if he/she can open their mouths and say I am for Donald Trump. I don't understand how we got here but we are here Black America and even in this country where "rich" privilege, “white” privilege or "green" privilege reigns supreme putting a game show host in charge of America is simply ludicrous as that noted Trump supporter Mike Tyson would say. Only in America, Don King (another loyal Trump supporter), Only in America is this foolishness on the precipice of reality. Anyone black voting for Trump is voting for a cartoon character. I am sorry but all of American Trump supporters need a check up from the neck up for allowing this bullshit or this bullshitter to be even be relevant. Hillary is flawed yes, Dr. Michelle Alexander, exposed the mass incarceration vehicle that evolved during her husband’s presidency. Hillary also demonized black youths with her description during that heinous period of black injustice. Yet, even saddled with that knowledge I cannot in my right mind lend into any concept of a Donald Trump presidency.

As we move forward pass this election we as a community of black people must assess our conditions and bond together like we had to do during times when our rights were violated every second of every day. Neither Jill Stein or Gary Johnson have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. So can you even imagine giving the bully pulpit to Donald Trump? Come on now really. I would rather take my shot at 3 years of Hillary. Yes 3 years because in year 4 Hillary is a lame duck either thirsting for another 4 years or satisfied with her historical place following Obama. The President directs the Executive Branch of governments advises the Senate on all federal judicial appointments, civil service appointments and has command of the armed forces. Trump has commanded the Celebrity Apprentice panel come the fuck on. Do you want to tell me that these roles deserve any complicity with Trump’s incursion? There is a huge difference between the two, three and four presidential candidates. The way I see it Hillary is superior in all facets of leadership, however, flawed she may be. Hillary simply has the edge in developing policy. Now how that policy is implemented and conceived is in the hands of her staff and her followers. I just feel comfortable that her judicial appointments will have favorable results, Donald Trump’s not so much. My concern with Hillary is her militancy. Will she be pushed by her being a woman to show strength when diplomacy would be the better alternative? Well, at least she has been on the world stage not just firing people on the game reality show.

So on October 2, 2016, I pledge my support to the office of President of The United States of America to Hillary Clinton. I guess you can say I am with her, reluctantly but enthusiastically against that maniacal republican ticket.