Oct. 4, 2016

You Better Be Real In the Pulpit Come Correct Damnit "You Had Better Ask Somebody"

The views reflected her are solely my own and not intended to defame, demoralize, demean or harm anyone. These thoughts are directed solely at those ministers whose sole purpose is to suck the life blood out of depressed communities for personal gain. Those men and women of God who do admirable work in our communities please, please understand this post isn't directed at you in any way humanly possible. Those ministers who seek acclaim and fame on the backs of their parishioners well .... here you go:

Earlier this morning my mind drifted as it sometimes does to religious belief. I would like now to drive that thought to “you had better ask somebody”. I have often wondered why my path of life took me this way and not the paths of my brothers one of whom is still living residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The other two are a long time dead and most likely they both died mentally long before the physical light turned off. We all grew up in a home with both parents and my mother had a strong connection to the Apostolic Baptist Church. Each Sunday she would gather the family up and off we would go to Sunday School. However, my Dad who actually helped build that House of Worship never attended church with the family. He also didn’t dispute us as each one of the boys including myself turned away from the church when we were he felt old enough to make a cognitive decision on whether on not to attend that church he sweated to build every Sunday. For me, it came one Sunday when one of the Trustees pretty much held up one of my brothers for his weekly church donation because he felt he hadn’t given every dime and quarter my Dad had given for offering. I was about 11 years old at the time it was a time of trial and mass tribulations in black communities across the country. Yet this man feels he had the right to hold up a young black man for his offering because he didn’t give enough. Oh, I was old enough to immediately stop going to church but inwardly my religious beliefs took a turn that I have never really been able to overcome it. Up until that point, I honored the religious aspect of the church. I even wanted to be just like Martin, just like Malcolm and cite verses and knowledge from the pulpit.

You see that my experience with the “shiftless negro” in the pulpit that changed my perspectives on the intent of the church. Was he there for his brother who ministered the church and directed him to get every available dollar. Yes, I said it, He was measuring the offerings for his brother upkeep not Jesus’s uplift. He was measuring the offerings to ensure that the pastor was able to to make the car payments on the brand new Cadillac. You see all my experiences with the church was my mother’s enduring love for Jesus. It was that on the specific day that Jesus took on a whole new meaning. Jesus was a tool for personal salvation Jesus was a tool for that’s minister’s restoration. How can you say you love Jesus so much but be swayed to negatively impact your communities so greatly. You recite verses in the bible like rhymes of a rapper while all the time all you were seeking were the dimes and dollars of the clappers.

Yes, many time I attempted to go back to other churches in my six decades in this country. I have even given my life to Christ and pledged to live a Christ-like life. However,every time I feel like the spirit is moving me in the direction of grace and goodness. That shiftless negro in the pulpit appears and rears his ugly head. Who is that “negro” in the oh we all know him. He’s there for luxuries that the pulpit affords him. You know the huge congregation, the big home, the big cars and the adoring fans. Oh, this cat isn’t going in the communities where his church actually sits to make a difference. He’s there for the glory of him, not the glory of HE who stands judgment on all of us. His and I now might add his suits cost the more than a thousand dollars each. Most of his congregation cannot even fathom spending that amount of money for such luxuries. His resides in a home is as far away from his flock as possible but not as far away as he would like. He travels around the country on engagements on his parishes dime living and eating like a dignitary now that’s a damn crime. His vacation home is most likely on an island in the Caribbean Sea; a place when most of his congregation can hardly ever dream of going and nor will they get an invite from him. The communities, our communities are being devastated around him day by unsightly day. Yet this cat closes a blind eye to all that destruction only think about new church construction. He hasn’t the time or the inclination for real change. You see he’s in the process of building a bigger church one that can afford him thousands of more congregants. The congregants go loyally every Sunday and give hope beyond hope that their prayers will be answered. You see they see in the Pastor their hopes for them reaching their own personal glory. Not realizing that the “negro” in the pulpit cares not for the actualization of their dreams hell most of these parishioners are a part of this mad money scheme hell don’t even pay no damn taxes and see a wet dream and an explosion of cash cream.

He rather keeps you on the edge of hope knowing full well that society has already nudged you over the ledge. Oh, also because of the nature of the society his stock and bond portfolio is a wonder to behold. His congregants haven’t seen a stock or bond. Their idea of a bond is the one person who can assist them in getting their ill-begotten son or daughter out of the filling prisons. Oh, he also has a prison ministry but he abhors the thought of ever visiting those souls. So he’ll pass that tasks on to believers in his majestic palace of sin. You will see him at the hospitals for the sick and needy but not for prayer but that last request to give the church a little taste once that dear departed will have left this place. Yes, “shiftless negro’s” have taken over the pulpit and they are damaging our communities every day. While we seek justice, they seek glory but not the holiness of glory but glory you can wear, feel, and touch. Damn why these fools make this game up for heaven's glory? When all they actually wanted to tell was whole another story. You want my vote to give some dollars to? Justice, yes, justice, you think that will make me holler. Hell, my people live in squalor and hell all I ask of them is to give me every one of their available dollars.

So if you ask me if I am a believer? That’s a hard question for me to answer yes to. I believe that creation came from up high. However, creation and absolution and redemption are just words when the person who spins them just gets on my damn nerves. So don’t send me that “shiftless negro” in the pulpit to redeem my soul. For only Jesus's words will allow me to be so bold that everyone of that negro’s words just seemed to me cold. You know in his heart all he was searching for was some other people’s gold. That is the truth of this story I just told.