Oct. 10, 2016


Taj Mahal Casino Closes Today:
With 7 out of every 10 Americans having fewer than $1000.00 in savings . Why do we continue to see all these damn casinos opening across the country? These establishments proffer income from those who can least afford to support them. Maybe we should be looking for more productive avenues to drive revenue opportunities in our cities and states? This craziness of having casinos every 20 or so miles from each other coast to coast is totally ridiculous. Sooner or later most of these edifices of human greed will self-destruct like they are currently self-destructing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I see that Trump's Taj Mahal Casino closed today after bleeding investor monies for years. So what becomes of a former casino? Does it become a charter school? Or a series of fast food joints? We will need to devise methodologies of usage for former casinos because over the course of the decade we will have plenty of casinos closing I feel.

Black people need new political alternatives besides the current two party system. Maybe people of all colors need to look beyond the broken political system that currently exists in this nation. The party of Lincoln was also the party that abandoned black people in the south when over 90% of recently freed blacks resided in the south. Only 20 years after the end of Civil War the Republican Party abandoned any attempt to bring civility and equal rights to people of color in southern states. They allowed Jim Crow, Jane Crow, and all the other asinine Crows to be inflicted on black people by systematically and intentionally terminating any moves towards Reconstruction with the Compromise of 1877. This ushered in 100 years of a system that denied equal rights to people of the darker hue. The Democratic Party was the lynching party, the party of the Jim and Jane Crower's and the party of the white southerners. So I see no real advocates for people of color in either of these two parties whether they be donkeys or elephants. The republican and Democratic Party has both been responsible for the current plight of people of color in this nation. When only 6 dollars of every 100 dollars reverts back into the black communities since the integration bill of 1964 and 1965 then both parties have failed us not just one. We as a people need history lessons and reality checkups because neither of these parties has benefited us period.