Oct. 11, 2016

Provoked Thought Justice or Else One Year Later



We have to fix the issue of the lackadaisical negro in our black communities across the country. Blacks have been brainwashed by the systematic vehicles of racism; fooled by a false sense of achievement in this blatantly racist society; tricked in almost every facet of our supposed supportive institutions; yes tricked, by the school system that neglected to give a real sense of self and taught us to hate black and love white. That hatred is embedded into our psyche we fail often to recognize the magnetism of its power to control our actions. When you finally wake up and sense the reality of what is being done and has been done to you. It shakes you to the very core of your soul. Many of so-called educated negroes think that, "just because"; oh you know those "just because" negroes; the ones that have that home, a job, and the security of being as far from the issues that confront our brothers and sisters living on the very edge of existence on the 24/7 365 days a year. These "just because" negroes feel that they have made it. So they ignore the plight of their sisters and brothers and go about their lives in a fake sense of harmony not realizing that to those in powers you have become the ally in the personal war to destroy black existence in this country. The 'just because: negroes will, in fact, blame the acts of violence perpetrated on blacks by the illegal legal institutional law enforcers on those taking the beating. They will offer no solutions but willingly offer up criticisms. Those criticisms will be directed at their long since forgotten communities. They left behind their communities years ago. So why should they bother with fixing those communities or promoting effective means or strategies to fix them? Oh, they much rather celebrate perceived success at games developed by those empowered to keep you happy. When the call is made for Justice; Or Else, they focus on the OR ELSE  because those "just because" negroes don't want anything threatening what they think they have. They may be creeping 90 days from economic bankruptcy with less than a thousand dollars in the bank; they also may have a home that is empty of providing true knowledge to their children, but they have made it. These "just because" negroes have made it.


I was on the edge of being a "just because" negro I had the home, but I never left my roots, and I assured that my child was never simply depended on a white racist educational institutional system to be the only source of knowledge she had. So I filled my home with literature that gave knowledge to the power of our struggle of our people. Yet, in many ways I felt I should be doing more, I gave to all the organizations that were directed at supporting those being left behind. Yet I felt I could be doing more. It wasn't until I answered the call for JUSTICE, OR ELSE. The reality is that true justice had been denied our people for as long as we have been under the boot of oppression  in America. No matter our circumstances we think we are surviving or prospering in. I lived during the time when our black communities sought just basic human dignity; a basic supposed civil right. We have marched and requested that right just hoping once we got it our problems would have evaporated. Not realizing that the boot of the oppressor who gave us that right gave it without any true judicial plan to either recognize or implement it equality. We requested better schools they gave us more jail cells; we asked for better homes they intentionally flooded our communities with drugs and guns; we asked for protection from the violence and they shipped in by the carloads crooked police officers who would in turn run havoc on our communities with wanton disregard for those basic human rights. We asked for jobs they gave us more drug dealers who lived without any sense of communal pride or communal love. We asked for economic plans of revitalization of our cities they gave us more prisons and mass incarceration of our black men; we asked for home loans to build home ownership and they provided us with crooked bankers doling out high-interest loans doomed to fail and crashed whatever equity families had built up with years of loyal payments in a matter of months; we asked for opportunities to elect people to represent us and they soiled those elected officials with dirty bribes knowing that the love of green overrode the love of community for so many of those supposed leaders; businesses that were thriving before we got the right of basic human dignity disappeared and were replaced by business managed by new immigrants who neither care nor understood our struggles; these businesses were supported and propped up by a racist system still determined to keep the boot of oppression on our throat; they managed to turn every facet of our social existence into money making ventures for their profits; our music, our athletics, our dance, our literary expression turned from our control to theirs and while we secured crumbs they got full loafs. 


The churches in our communities will either be real houses of action lead by pastors delivering the real message of Jesus, or they will just be empty buildings filled with nothing but the "just because" negroes. Jesus was a revolutionary prophet who sought out true justice for his followers. Pastors can either deliver his words or seek other gainful means of employment because the young parishioners will leave those faithless buildings in droves. So, when Minister Farrakhan made the "Justice Or Else" the "just because" negroes focused on the Or Else rather than understanding none of the people of color in this nation from the time the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock have given people of color true justice. Our community needs to understand that our young people aren't willing to beg for the crumbs justice and economic equality any longer; the days of standing up and taking it like the man those in power thought they knew have ended. These new demands must come with an Or Else and these demands will not evaporate like rain from the sun's heat on a summer's day. These movement demands come from war-torn peoples of color from coast to coast. You "just because" negroes need to wake up and celebrate this new day because Or Else is just around the corner. You will either stand with us as new man or woman, fearless and understanding that life under oppression is not really life at all. Or you get out of the way it is my hope you don't join the wrong side of justice, though. You may believe that you have arrived at the station of justice in your life. However, that train of justice cannot arrive until everyone gets a ticket and boards the train.


Justice Or Else Is Not A Moment It Is A Movement




Revised 10.11/2016