Oct. 11, 2016

Provoked Thoughts Baltimore City Election

Today is October 11 in 4 Tuesday's the General Election will be held. I wonder what is happening in my hometown Baltimore City. It seems that Sheila Dixon has decided to re-pitch her candidacy for Mayor in 2016. Sheila lost the Democratic Primary in a heated contest with State Senator Catherine Pugh. I would think that rather than waste her energies building contention in a city that needs constructive ideas and energies of growth. It seems that Sheila Dixon would try to develop an amicable relationship with incoming Mayor Pugh. Mayor Pugh who needs as many bright minds as possible to rebuild Baltimore City to the prosperous city it can and should be. Rather than drawing back and slinging arrows at what may have happened. The concept of unification of efforts to consolidate followers of Dixon with those of Pugh. I would've thought that Cathy may have offered Sheila a position within her administration but I guess that's not going to happen now. Why should it with you starting this write-in campaign so late in the electoral process?

Starting a write-in campaign with less than 4 weeks less before the general election is an almost insurmountable task. It becomes even more precarious in a city like Baltimore that suffers from extreme voter apathy. Sheila, do you except that the anticipated 30-35% turnout will drive your ability to draw people to your write-in campaign? The city's political engines have already aligned with a "unification ticket" for change. Those officials are now processing plans to revive and rebuilt a broken city. Wouldn't it be more constructive for you and your followers to seek conciliation with Catherine Pugh? I mean she needs the minds of all Baltimore's great thinkers to process real change in our fair city. I know that initially the results of the primary election were decertified due to some voting irregularities. Yet, the primary results were eventually certified and seemingly everyone moved on to drive the engines of change so necessary for residents in Baltimore City. This act today hinted of a candidate's futility at accepting the results. Someone playing out a final scene of desperation that never characterized Sheila Dixon. I hope that you reconsider your position and move on towards working with Mayor Pugh as she is challenged with the difficult task of making Baltimore City the beacon of hope and opportunity that we all wish that the city becomes. That the beacon of hope lights up from Penn-North to Belair-Edison to Greenmount-North to Winchester-Druid Hill to Park Heights to Garrison to Liberty Heights to Pigtown to Highlandtown and beyond.