Oct. 16, 2016

Divided America Views From #JoeSmokeThoughts

“Our Nation Is Moving Toward Two Societies, One Black, One White—Separate and Unequal”

This was written in March 1968 about the perils of race relations and racial animosity that has saddled America for at that time over 350 years. The deep divide between white Americans and Black Americans was so cuttingly harmful to our society that within one month of the release of the Kerner Commission Report. The nation’s urban centers were ablaze again following the murder and assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. Well, it’s now 48 years after the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders and I want to spend a moment changing the narrative up just a little bit related to this concept of two Americas.

“Our Nation Have Moved Towards Three Societies, One Hateful, One Hopeful and One Disengaged - America Is Now Rudderless Now That Vision Has Been Clouded By Those Who Hate and Those Who Could Care Less”

I just read the poll results from the Washington Post related to the latest results of this crazy campaign for the nation’s leadership in the executive branch of government. It seems that no matter what Donald Trump does he cannot lose the support of his most ardent followers. When Trump says “grab the pussy,” they say how presidential, he cries out hateful and spiteful words of separation between the many differing creeds that make America the diverse melting pot. His followers say turn up the flames while the steaming feelings of hate spice up the concoction. Donald Trump has supposedly little national support from the leading faces of the Republican Party but he simply says “the hell with those who defy his actions”. Donald Trump truly has a comprehensive understanding that America is indeed two nations. This nation of Trump believers is comprised mostly of people who truly envision a rising storm of direct confrontation between the White-Anglo Protestants and those people of differing colors, ethnicities and religious beliefs. Some of those on the other side of this justice scale who search for reasoning and solutions are neither separate or unequal to those who seek to enhance hate as well as appeal to the worst of what can be defined as human behavior shifting mindlessly. As a matter of fact, the group of reasonable thinkers includes people of all the races, creeds, and religious sectors seeking to define a better America. Yet, the other side is indeed comprised primarily of whites who feel that they have lost control or are in the process of losing controls of the core values of a lost cause. Trump has latched on to these discontented people who feel that their America is headed to destruction. The other side of the American coin has people who feel that America is evolving into what can be considered a nation of many hues on the rainbow. they seek solutions and want change and are unwilling to concede to the worst elements of human behavior. Then you have another edge of the same coin that comprises this evolving America. The disengaged, those voices that defiantly express that this nation is set on its path of destruction so why to bother to seek solutions. The dye has been cast and hopelessness is the only recourse for America. So they have decided to simply sit on the sidelines and await the final judgment. This nation must find a way to eradicate the thinking of people who hate the concept of an evolving America. The problem is that these people have about 43% of the engaged electorate. The solution seekers who see positivity in a nation that evolves with differing hues and creeds comprised about 47% of this nation’s engaged electorate. The largest sector of America is the disengaged those either care less about the future course of America or who have decided that it's useless to endeavor any sort of participation because power doesn’t reside or has never resided in the people. So why waste the efforts to engage in change when a change will never come. That to me is the dilemma of America, those who control power true economic power have managed to create this nation of peoples who would rather self-destruct than evolve into something better. Or this nation has created a group of people who are so disengaged that almost anything that happens neither phases them or engages them to action. Wow, is that what democracy truly is? Why search for solutions to the ills that negate any meaningful resolve to those ills that confront us as a people. Let’s just simply fight to keep an imaginary world that no longer exist, or stay sidelined and wait for America’s demise. No need in working for those who seek hope within despair because that comes with inclusion and well that’s not acceptable. Or just don’t bother me I lite my stogie, pour a drink and watch the games of change or non-change from the sidelines. How did we get to this America? Maybe better yet how do we engage the disengaged, educate those who need to understand inclusion makes for a better nation than exclusion and hate while making sure the true solution seekers stay engaged so America can actually be an America that is the beacon of hope for global understanding.