Oct. 17, 2016

We Need Something Different Now

Damn, do we really have a President of African descent occupying the White House. Why do we still sink further behind in the nation of inequality? The people of color continue to slip into darkness and despair in the areas of economics, justice, environment, and education simply due to melanin content?. While some enjoy the benefits of society swore to justice for all. Many are captured in the net of injustice for those of the darker hue.
The answers have not come from either dominate political party in this nation; be it democrat or republican. Maybe just maybe Minister Farrakhan is on point black people and truth seekers must align themselves to new political force in this nation. The JUSTICE OR ELSE NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTY could be that true solution to significant change for our communities coast to coast. Let's begin to barter our votes to candidates who are willing to bring solutions rather than perpetuating this current system of continued inequality. It doesn't matter their party affiliation we most only concern ourselves with whether they bring solutions and remedies that will cure our current conditions.