Oct. 18, 2016

Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Project Uplift Literacy

Project Uplift Literacy
Congressman Adam Clayton Powell's
Civil Right's Speech to Congress, 1955

Today's History Lesson reflects on the words of one America's greatest legislators as well as spiritual leaders. I selected two of his speeches to reread today. I hope that you enjoy them. One thing that Congressman Adam Clayton Powell wanted for his people was the ability to enjoy the fruits of a society free from the inequalities that disavowed any person from being all he/she could be. Dr. Powell wanted us all "to keep the faith" and he also inspired us to reach beyond what limits us to strive for the limitless abilities each of us has in our minds. That is why I dedicated my Project Uplift Literacy selections for this afternoon to the incomparable Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. the ultimate KING OF THE COOL CATS, he was indeed one of Harlem's and this nation's finest.