Oct. 25, 2016

Request Denied

This is going to go hard but what the hell. #joesmokethoughts
I understand that a petition has started to get Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recognized at the new African American Museum on the National Mall. Well, I hear from the ancestors the reactions when Clarence came a knocking. So I created this poetic expression to state our ancestors rage at this request. Clarence Thomas is one of only 112 justices of the Supreme Court and he’s more aligned with Roger Taney than Thurgood Marshall.
I’ll call this poem simply “Request Denied”
Somebody’s knocking at the door
Who in the hell is ringing that bell
Open the door and let him in
Oh hell no it’s Clarence again
Now just when do we begin to let that grinning NEGRO in
Hell no says Fannie, forget about says Frederick, is he one of us says, Martin
Thurgood says really, Malcolm says not on his watch, Adam C says he lost the faith,
Marcus says he lost his race without a trace, Rosa said he lost his seat
Crispus says with negroes like him it’s hard to keep up the pace
WEB asks isn’t that why we’re still losing this race
Hell even Booker called him a national disgrace
James Baldwin says to take down that damn door knocker
Stokely wonders aloud why Clarence seems lost in the white clouds
So who’s that knocking
Who’s the ringing the bell
He and his buddy Scalia can simply go straight to hell
We aren’t listening for any damn rebel yells
Sorry Clarence but you're being black story is too hard to sell