Oct. 26, 2016

Wednesday Afternoon Musings

Just Thinking Out Loud
It's called the Fall Classic, The World Series. It was once the ultimate sporting event on the American sports landscape. That was then when the only seemingly major sports were baseball, horse racing, and boxing. This is NOW and the sports market is flushed with many other available options. In addition, the entertainment options for public have multiplied by the thousands.
The Cubbies, the lovable losers are actually in the Fall Classic for the first time since 1945. It should be a time for fanfare but it simply falls short for me personally. Maybe it's because they are playing a team named the INDIANS? That derogatory named professional sports team in the same category as the Braves, and Redskins. Maybe, it is simply a different time and place for my interests. I simply could care less about who wins or loses this baseball series. I grew up loving baseball, I learned mathematics by studying the earned run averages, batting averages, and winning percentages of my favorite ballplayers and teams.
Yet, as I read my morning glance at the Huffington Post I can only view with passing interest the outcome of last night's game. What disturbs me more is the fact that 50% of Americans want to return to the time when Jim Crow was in high gear and justice for people for people of color was a non-entity. Why does a person like a Donald Trump get the type of favorable response on the political scene in America that is happening now? Donald Trump feeds and nourishes that type of thinking that people can have those days again. They can have those days when people of color understood their social, political, and economic lanes and stayed in those lanes for fear of aggressive reprisals. What also disturbs me is that many of my peoples in our communities don't recognize the threatening atmosphere that feelings like this present.
That is why I do what I do about encouraging comprehensive literacy and developing strong strategic readers while erasing illiteracy along the way in our communities. You cannot quickly fool the educated but an uneducated fool can easily be directed away from truths with games and distractions. The educated can enjoy the games and distractions but remain awake for signs of trouble. Those without the skills are incapable of understanding what is happening and why? This may sound harsh but reality is what reality is. The times are a changing but the question is changing to what? Does this nation look backward towards it's hateful and vengeful past? Or does it heed the words of our ancestors and maintain a constant vigilance and prepare ourselves for whatever may lay ahead? For me, I maintain that we work more together for solving our problems because, in the final analysis, no one can do better for us than us.