Oct. 27, 2016

This is Racist Fun in Mississippi, Damn!

Down in Mississippi where racists want to still reign 

Saturday night is coming so those racist bullets will rain

They can no longer shoot blacks without suffering some loss

So they decide now shoot those who they already have shot

They pull out the shotguns and the old 45’s

Head out to places where history lies

Hell they even try to blow up some old railroad ties

The mission for tonight is searching out historical markers

You see these white racists still miss being black folk stalkers

Hell some these cats shoot shotguns standing behind their damn walkers

Rather than dropping a line for catfish in the Tallahatchie

They rather blow holes and try to wake up Emmitt’s soul

You know white racists can be so damn cold

Putting 50 rounds in signs ain’t too bold

Can’t we simply dig something deep and drop them into that hole

You see their brains aren’t larger than the smallest keyhole.