Oct. 29, 2016


Is this the season that Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis crack the 40 point per game limit? Will Russell average a triple-double in points, rebounds, and assists? Will L.James also average a triple-double in points, rebounds, assists yet come up short in MVP balloting to both Davis and Westbrook? Will the Spurs super-superstar Kawhi Leonard become the trifecta winner of the defensive player of the year along with matching the herculean efforts of Westbrook and James leading his team to 60 plus wins? Will starters on the DUBS combine to average 80 points a game yet be outmuscled for the Western Conference Finals by a Spurs defensive minded frontcourt? Will the New York Knicks be anything more than a middlingly 40 win team ousted in the first round of the playoffs? Will Dwayne Wade show the fortitude to lead his hometown team to the Eastern Conference playoffs? When will Bradley Beal and John Wall become the superstar backcourt that grounds teams in the dust with speed and incredible shooting accuracy? Will Dwight Howard find home cooking to his liking and bring a rejuvenated spirit back to the ATL? Will The Beard become a complete player on both sides of the court or will he simply shoot shots in bunches in Mike D'Antoni's offensive focused system? Who will be the first King traded Gay or Cousins when the team flushes this season down the drain in early January? Will the T-Wolves become the darling daring young team of NBA or will they need another year of maturation? Who's betting on Celtic green this season? These questions and more will be answered this season in the National Basketball Association.