Nov. 3, 2016

Political Thoughts Thursday, November 3, 2016

Presidential Primary Historical Voting Pattern
Joseph Shelton Hall
1972 Shirley Chisholm (D) Lost Nomination
1976 Jerry Brown (D) Lost Nomination
1980 Ted Kennedy (D) Lost Nomination
1984 Jessie Jackson (D) Lost Nomination
1988 Jessie Jackson (D) Lost Nomination
1992 Jerry Brown (D) Lost Nomination
1996 Bill Clinton (D) Won Nomination
2000 Albert Gore (D) Won Nomination
2004 John Edwards (D) Lost Nomination
2008 Barack Obama (D) Won Nomination
2012 Barack Obama (D) Won Nomination
2016 Bernie Sanders (D) Lost Nomination
I have voted for the Office of President 12 times in the State of Maryland Presidential Primary Election. This doesn't include the general election which I post earlier. I voted for the democratic candidate 12 of those 12 times. I voted for a candidate it was in the democratic primary since I am a registered democrat.
Presidential Historical General Election Voting Pattern
Joseph Shelton Hall
1972 George McGovern (D) Lost
1976 Jimmy Carter (D) Won
1980 Jimmy Carter (D) Lost
1984 Walter Mondale (D) Lost
1988 Michael Dukakis (D) Lost
1992 Ross Perot (I) Lost
1996 Bill Clinton (D) Won
2000 Albert Gore (D) Lost
2004 John Kerry (D) Lost
2008 Barack Obama (D) Won
2012 Barack Obama (D) Won
2016 Hillary Clinton (D)
I have voted for the office of president 12 times in my lifetime starting in 1972 specifically the General Election, not including the primaries. I voted for the democratic candidate 11 of those 12 times. The only time I voted for a candidate, not of the democratic party was when I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. I have yet to vote for a republican candidate for president and that will not change in 2016 since I already voted for Hillary Clinton.
Now is the time for a personal reconfiguration of my political intelligence clock. I think that it should be my intention to ensure that in 2020 new directions come forth related to the current two party system. The time will be ripe for new political machination in this nation. This new party will embody the principles of both the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the National Black Panther Party For Universal Change. The party will focus on delivering economic stability as well as a judicial, social and civil change in communities seeking new directions for positive action. I have given my all these past 44 years to seek that change within the principles of the Democratic National Party. Yet the Democratic Party has failed continuously to meet the needs of communities in desperate shape for a meaningful and comprehensive change.