Nov. 4, 2016

Friday Night Lights Dimmed on The No Fun League

I just read where the National Football League Hall of Fame in Canton. Ohio refuses to provide the family of Kenny "The Snake" Stabler with the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket or the Hall of Fame Ring. You see Ken Stabler died before his induction into the Hall this summer. It seems that only living members can receive those personal mementos. If you die before your induction sorry Charley. So what do the Hall of Fame member's family who dies after joining the Hall have to return the jacket and ring upon the death of the Hall of Famer? The National Football League is absolutely becoming the masters of inappropriate actions. You wonder why the television ratings of National Football League are sinking like boulders? Well maybe, it's because the owners and league administrators are simply too full of themselves. Just give the family of Ken Stabler those accolades Mr. Goodell. Ken Stabler earned them by the blood, sweat, and tears he left on the field of play. It's bad enough that he didn't get his induction until he had passed onto glory. The more this league does to irritate its fanbase the less likely it will ever get those folks who have turned away from this game back.