Nov. 5, 2016


This nation is constantly teetering on the edge of racial, social and judicial confrontation. What will push this nation over to total absolute confusion? It's not a battle of the have's versus the have-nots. The battle was actually created by the have's. It features the have-nots versus the have-nots for the sole purpose of maintaining control by the have's if that makes any sense. The have's have devised a plan by which have-not's determined melanin content and ethnic background sides against the have-nots who are grouped by a lack of economic resources and melanin content. The two adversaries are battling for placement on the lowest rung of the totem pole. While those have's at the top of the pole constantly apply grease to the pole of imaginary progress. So that the pole of progress is too slippery for any real gain by those at the bottom to reach the top. This battle has been on-going for centuries upon centuries devised for the absolute satisfaction of those with determining the fate of those without.