Nov. 6, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings

This may offend some people but hey I just had this thought and I felt the need to share it. I hear a great of   number of black people talking and writing about how much they hate the idea of casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton. How it would be like voting for the best of the worst possible candidates. My question is simply this if you didn't have to hold your nose and vote for President Barack Obama how can you say you need to hold your nose and vote for Hillary Clinton? They both are of the same cloth politically and are both encumbered to the same political and economic engines of power. So yes a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton is the same as voting for the continuation of the policies of Barack Obama. The only difference is that Obama's a man and she is a woman, period. It doesn't even take into consideration melanin content because that ship sailed long ago. Just vote! Then hope for true justice to prevail by community action and deeds because this system needs a total reboot.