Nov. 10, 2016

Provoked Thoughts Obama Meets Stumpy

So 46.7 % of Eligible Voters decided not to partake in the General Election. I believe that 23% of those who voted cast their ballot for Donald Trump. So by mathematical calculation, 77% of this nation's eligible voting pool either didn't vote for Trump or voted for another choice or stayed the hell home. That's some damn mandate huh? This nation has now allowed less than a quarter of the pool of eligible voters to put someone into the bully pulpit of the highest elected public office who doesn't represent the views of sanity and social reason. This nation has given the reign of power to someone who has publically humiliated as well violated the basic rights of human beings. Yet, I see on the news lines today my President whom supposedly is moral and just making nice with the very person who created much of the vitriol directed at him simply because of the color of his skin. I see a President, my President whose very legacy and policies will be erased by those in legion with this man playing nice. These are possibly the beginnings of some of the darkest times of America. I simply cannot comprehend the President of America being this despicable human being. Who openly in public made fun of a person disabled like me, who has groped and sexually threatened women without fear of reprisals, who has stolen people's dreams for his personal economic gain, and who has categorically stated his plans to devastate families by locking up those who don't meet his standards of citizenship or religious beliefs? So, please don't ask me, Mr. President Obama, to forgive and forget the ills and wanton actions of this individual because I was taught better than that. This system of so-called democracy is doomed if it can be so easily hijacked by such a small minority of people. If it can allow a messenger of hate, racial bias, and ignorance to be my representative to the world outside my door.