Nov. 13, 2016

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OK, in the final analysis with over 7 million votes left to be counted and almost 60% of the votes uncounted coming from the State of California. It looks like Hillary Clinton will have trumped Donald Trump by nearly 6 or more million popular votes. You don't have to tell me how the ELECTORAL COLLEGE actually elects the Commander In Chief. I know that fact. Clinton currently holds a lead of 1.8 million votes over Trump with those outstanding votes yet to be counted. No matter how you slice this pie there is something exceptionally wrong with this scenario. The supposed international symbol of democracy, America, "we the people by the people" is evidently going to be viewed in both international and national circles even more as a "government by the few for the few". Does anyone really believe that the contentious nature of this election is going to be resolved by the now Rodney King effect of Republicans saying "now can't we all just get along"? The overwhelming majority of America now seems to either have voted against Trump hijacking our democracy. Yet an archaic system of 279 voters will allow this travesty of historical misplacement to be implemented. In the past 16 years, this Electoral College confliction has occurred twice now, first in 2000, and now in 2016.  Although Gore's election was stolen by a Republican-ruled Supreme Court. We all know how that ended up with the election of one of America's all-time worst Presidents. The Electoral College was initially implemented when America was an agrarian slavery infested society with the Southern States looking for a way to ensure that the institution of slavery was interfered with. The Electoral College was somehow deemed as the protector of the rights to ensure that black people continued to have "no rights". Doesn't it seem odd that everything of historical importance in American Society eventually falls back the mistreatment or ill-treatment of blacks in this nation? When WEB Dubois stated so eloquently that the problem of race would be the significant problem of the 20th Century. I doubt if even DuBois would have thought the issues of race would still confront this nation in the 21st Century? This election in my view and the view of many others boiled down to a race issue, an us against them mentality. So with all the supposed advances made by our society tells me that it's time for 2/3 of the States to abolish the Electoral College. With more than 75% of the American population either voting for anyone but Trump or not voting at all. It seems That We The People need a nation without these electors. Just my thought this morning Let's Make America Great by letting the true choices of democracy be honored.