Nov. 16, 2016

Project Fix The Wizards

Wednesday Basketball Musings
I was once an avid believer in the basketball skill set of Bradley Beal. Yet it seems that he cannot stay on the court without incurring some type of injury. It's time to cut the Beal cord and make a significant move to salvage this disastrous season. So make the call Ernie Grunfield, make the call. You need to call Vlade Divac and propose this trade Otto Porter, Bradley Beal, and Andrew Nicholson for Boogie Cousins and Rudy Gay. If you have to throw in next year's Number 1 draft choice to sweeten the deal then do it. However, you must get assurances from Cousins and Gay that they will sign extensions. Otherwise, this season and next season will be treacherous seasons at the Verizon Center. In addition, why you are on the phone call Ted Leonsis and submit your resignation because you are responsible for this horrible roster currently residing in Washington, you and you alone. You put all your eggs in the Kevin Durant basket and you were left waiting at the alter. Rather than gathering some intelligence prior to Durant's decision you were left with a depleted team with no clear direction for your most important second unit. Can you please tell who is the talent evaluator who informed you to cash in on Marcus Thornton, Jason Smith, Andrew Nicholson, and Ian Mahinmi? I mean you really spent 30 million dollars annual salary on that quartet? I can maybe give you a pass on Ian because he hasn't really played yet due to injuries but he's hardly a 15 million dollar a year ballplayer in this age of big salaries that salary is obscene. You need to cut the cords to Smith and Nicholson because I don't think even the dumpster searchers will bite on either of those two players. I feel that the only correct move you made, oh not hiring the coach Scott Brooks, you should've hired Sam Cassell instead. It was the signing of Tomas Satoransky because he can play Robin to John Wall's Batman once you allow Bradley Beal to leave this team. You will need to push Gortat and Ian down to the second unit along with Kelly Oubre and a doable Trey Burke and Marcus Thorton. You are stuck with using him now. The starting unit of Morris, Gay, Cousins, Tomas, and John should be enough to cobble together enough wins to make the playoffs. You also will now have 2 rim protectors in Ian and Boogie available with Rudy Gay and Morris stretching the floor for three. This is my fix for the Washington Wizards what do you think Ted? I am available for interviews immediately.