Nov. 18, 2016


Hey, Ray Lewis, or Ray-Ray, I know you have two big rings from Super Bowl Championships but why are you coming after Joe Flacco. The man is just getting paid and he's not performing to the level he should be performing but hell when the chips were down in 2012. Joe Flacco got on a historic run that was the envy of every quarterback in the NFL not named Brady or Rodgers. He simply put the Ravens on his no hype talking shoulders and got the second ring for you. Now you blast him because he's not the rah, rah type of performer. Well, neither were John Unitas, James "Shack" Harris, Doug Williams, Bart Starr or even Joe Montana. They simply performed on the field and let their play determine the emotional contribution they gave to the team. I not saying that Joe Flacco is in the category of any of those quarterbacks. I am saying that performance isn't based on how loud you can scream into the mike or do an intro dance before the crowd. You can also provide leadership with determined effort. I see that no matter the results Joe Flacco puts forth his best efforts every time the bell rings. He got paid because he had that incredible run. If the Ravens didn't want to pay him some other team would've. Yet during that 10 week period in 2012, there was no quarterback performing better than Joe Flacco and was pretty damn good at the Rah Rah Ray Ray during that period. You could've simply said he's not playing up to his standards and let it be but you felt the need to denigrate Joe Flacco for what? Just because you had to say something? Just my opinion, I neither a lover of Joe Flacco or hater of Joe Flacco but I think sometimes Ray Lewis needs to tone that act down some.