Nov. 24, 2016

Hell No Oh No Not Any Longer

Thursday Night Musings
Today, I decided to refuse to buy into any longer the celebration of Thanksgiving. It's senseless, and somewhat demeaning for black people to celebrate a day that evokes memories of the mass terror and destruction that was inflicted on the indigenous people of this nation. I will, however, enjoy the time that I spent with my family and friends. I would much rather call this day fam-friendly day and leave it like that. The older I get the more I can comprehend how the savagery that almost killed 120 million native-born people to this land just doesn't deserve to be celebrated. Especially this day Thanksgiving, should not be celebrated by people of color. You see we also were and still are in some cases still treated savagely by people's whose very ancestors inflicted so much misery on both the indigenous peoples and our black ancestors.