Nov. 28, 2016

Viva La Cuba, Viva La Gente, Via La Castro

I searched the island of hibiscus and tobacco leaves
I searched for signs of evil and anarchy
I searched for pain and agony
I searched for destruction and fear of government
All I found was smiling faces
So many signs of open graces
In most of all that island’s hidden places
I found this love enduring amongst all the races
You told me that this island was marked with hate
You told me that this island had nothing that would rate
Yet in the schools and all the hospitals flourishing tides of gratitude
These people of Cuba actually had great attitudes
Maybe that is why Fidel Castro is getting all these platitudes?
I visited Cuba last night in my dreams no need to create any memes
It seems that these people of Cuba are harvesting now Castro’s dream

Joseph Shelton Hall