Dec. 2, 2016

Morning Musings

"Someday's I wonder if you had a choice of colors which one would choose my brothers if there were no day or night which one would you choose to be right? We have come so far yet we have so far to go. Whose words would you rather hear my brothers Lil Wayne or DuBois, Kanye or Washington, Lil Uzi or Gil Scott, Tyga or Langston Hughes, Azealia Banks or Fannie Lou Hamer, Theophilus London or Malcolm, Big Sean or Benjamin Mays, Wiz Khalifa or Medgar Evers well I guess we should say both because didn't one's words lead to the other words? Just saying different strokes for different folks but both voices either old or new should demand progress for our peoples. I want to listen to words of uplift, discontent, and renewal of spirit whether old or new. I will listen until our people's struggle is through" "