Dec. 6, 2016

Russell Westbrook Doing It With Passion

Russell Westbrook is setting a tremendously high bar for excellence and unbelievable effort this basketball season. Aside from Russell Westbrook's immeasurable basketball skills, he is also delivering assists, points, and rebounds that defy human expectations. Last night, Russell Westbrook did something that even MJ never accomplished nor has EJ, LBJ, KB and that being delivering 6 consecutive triple doubles. To those who may mitigate this accomplishment, I'm sorry but this brother is in a class by himself.  Barring any injury, Russell Westbrook will indeed match the great Oscar Robertson as the only players to average a triple double the entire regular basketball season.

Y'all better shine that MVP Trophy and etch that fella's name in it now because Russell Westbrook has his laser sights set on it. I mean with all the talent that is in the league now from KD, LBJ, Curry, George, AD, Beard, Paul, Wall, Kawhi, Cousins, Griffin, Melo, Kyrie, JB, Paul, name it Russell Westbrook is about to claim it. If the first quarter of the season is any indication. Heck, Russell Westbrook hasn't even turned on juices yet. I cannot wait until the winter winds hit in February and March because he will ignite the scoreboard with passion. This season could be one for the ages and I am happy to be around to bask in Brother Westbrook's glory. You go on young fella make us all proud.