Dec. 10, 2016

Make The World Great Today and Tomorrow

The festering boil of racism continues to ooze out hatred on our American society. Just when you thought that a redemptive coat of consciousness had begun to close the wounds of more than four centuries of human anguish and despair. The emperor’s coats of racism and prejudice have changed, been reimagined, and totally redesigned to create this beast of white supremacy called the alt-right.  If you evaluate those who lead this distasteful movement you can actually see how they have been able to motivate within the human condition feelings that bring to bear the worst in us. Those voices have migrated into supposed intelligent beings unrealistic concerns that generate and feed this hateful beast. Some say the tipping point of this massive movement of discontent amongst this select group of angry white Americans was the election of Barack Obama but in is much deeper than simply that. The look around all elements of this previous exclusionary society and were beginning to see a transition from exclusion to inclusion. This was indeed troubling when the power color-line was being transitioned from lily-white to rainbow brown with curly hair. This was in direct opposition to what these individuals were lead to believe to be the true American dream. You see when the sheets of hate were being worn by the ancestors of these white Americans that foretold of an America that would be infected with the so-called mongrel seed of melanin. They demanded a purity in whiteness that would guarantee that power would never be threatened. So infected with this racial sickness these people would even prescribe policies against their own vestige interest. Just maintain the illusion of purity and they supposedly would sleep better at night. Well, night in America has come and that restful sleep these purveyors of hate relished is farther away than ever.  They were sucked into this movement based on false conceptions of returning to days of old. Yet the days will never be recovered because the human and environmental elements of life have already determined that the fate of America lies not in the good olde days but a true understanding how those days almost demolished this country and the world. We, as a people now more than ever have to be understanding of each other's differences as well as sameness. The planet, this planet, Earth, demands now that the price of her future will be based on understanding, sympathy, and love of each other's conditions. Otherwise, the concept of making anything great again will simply be one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The time for separation has gone forever, the time for promoting hate is senseless and without merit. You see the time for true understanding of each of our conditions no matter what our location is on the planet is going to define whether this world succeeds or fails to prosper and grow. So my thought for today concludes with this simple request, that each of us look within ourselves no matter our economic, political, religious, or social condition for solutions that will build walls of understanding rather than continuing to build walls that exclude and protrude philosophies that no longer can create better tomorrows.