Dec. 10, 2016

Do It Hillary Do It!

"The Compromise of 2016"
I just read this online Hillary Clinton releases all of her Electoral College to vote for someone else other than her. The two parties come to an agreement on an alternate Republican Candidate said Romney or Kasich for President. then get 38 supposed Trump Electoral College voters to support either Romney or Kasich. Then have those Clinton voters select either Warren or Sanders as the Vice Presidential candidate and have those same 38 Trump supporters opt-in for either Sanders or Warren. The compromise ticket would be a joint party split that would ensure that the erratic Donald Trump isn't given the keys to presidential power period. If we can have the Compromise of 1877 we surely can replicate it with far better executive leadership than Trump-Pence, in addition, Clinton's 2.5 million vote plurality shows the nation truly didn't want this presidency of Trump to occur. It also would mean that Hillary Clinton would go down in history as the person who saved America from Donald Trump's Presidency.