Dec. 13, 2016

Provoked Thought of the Day

Understand this as you reflect on the demise of the communities of our brothers and sisters due to the election of Donald Trump. The demise of our communities simply won't be accelerated due to any Trump administration's actions or activity. We as a people have survived under the political and judicial bootstraps of far worst individuals than Donald Trump and whatever band of selected culprits he decides to select to run this nation. Who knows maybe this band of supposed culprits won't be worst than those who occupied seats of power long before these people were even thought of. Just start with the initial conception of the Constitution and the Republic for this which this nation stands and the abhorrent treatment that people of color have endured historically? Can anyone stay that in real terms which of the Presidential administrations truly reflected a deep abiding respect for people of color in this nation? How long did we endure in this nation without any true qualities of economic justice, legal justice, civil justice and social justice? President Lincoln supposedly emancipated the slaves in 1863 but had the south's confederate rebels accepted the conditions of that emancipation and ended it's rebellious war legalized slavery would've continued in this nation for many, many years. So from the year of 1787 to 1863 we lived in virtual death from the chains of servitude. Then for what was supposed to be our freedom call of the Reconstruction Period which lasted really no more than a decade our communities lapsed back into a new form of slavery that lasted from 1877 to 1964/65 which was judicial, social and economic enslavement predicated on legalized segregation. Then beginning with the governmental affront on silencing political activism in our communities as well as mass incarceration and economic and educational deprivation concentrated at both the state and federal levels of government which began in the 1970's until the year 2007 our communities continued to support under both democratic and republican administrations of power. Even with the election of Barack Obama, our battles for equality of social, economic, and judicial power have continued to falter. So tell me why does Donald Trump strike any level of fear in our communities. He is no better or worst than the greater percentage of men who held this esteemed office. Yes, Donald Trump controls the bully pulpit but without the filter of support, he will simply be another voice that attempts to minimize our communities. We don't have to fall captive to this aims of destruction. We must unite under our own flag of unity and seek our own solutions. If we stand united again as we once were encumbered to do or least we are erased from this nation. We will survive Donald Trump and build better communities. You see historically we've been captive of those conditions that were designed to box us in. Yet, we still were able to design and provide our excellence to this nation and the world. Can't anyone kill the dream or the dreamers if they maintain unity in purpose and stay focused on progression not regression or outside rejection?