Dec. 15, 2016

A Dirty Bird, A Fallen Bird

"A Dirty Bird"
Damn Jamal Anderson why Bro?
You just got caught masturbating in QuikTrip Convenience Store in Suwanee, Georgia at two o' clock in the morning. I really feel that this a result of after playing this combative sport and then acquiring CTE. The National Football League has created a dilemma for our society as it relates to watching and supporting professional & college football. Will society ever tire of watching how this game has caused some much mental and physical destruction to lives of the players after leaving this game? Once the game is no longer played by these men who have sacrificed so much for the enjoyment of sports fans around this nation and now the world. How are we, to comprehend and accept what has happened to these warriors of the gridiron once the cheering has stopped? You see that player's life has to continue on; the destructive repercussions derived from playing the game are now manifested in so many tragic and embarrassing actions as the year's move on. Jamal Anderson was a hero to Atlanta Falcon football fans he was the symbolic figure of the Dirty Birds, now this, how much fame and fortune in his early years are enough to wipe away the stain that will possibly transpire in that man's later life?