Dec. 17, 2016

Celebration Bowl "Brawl For It All"

Grambling University Tigers (SWAC) 10 NCCU Eagles (MEAC) 9
Celebration Bowl
HBCU Championship
Great Game and quite emblematic of the quality and character of both HMBCU schools. Except for that final blunder by the NCCU Eagle pass receiver this game could have easily gone to overtime. Hat's off to the Tigers of Grambling University for a sensational season. They have been crowned HBCU Football Champions. Also, kudos to the Eagles of NCCU who represented the MEAC quite well this afternoon. The Eagle defense held the outstanding offense of the Grambling Tigers at bay most of the game. Which if you consider the weapons that the Grambling Tigers have at their disposal was quite impressive. Coach Fobbs, you have turned around the floundering Grambling Tiger football program that three years ago was on the edge of the cliff back from the ledge and onto solid footing. I believe that Coach Eddie Robinson cracked a grin in heaven today and you know that Coach Rob was tough to get a smile from.