Dec. 24, 2016


On The Spot Reporting:
Football Observations
Damn shame Raiders fans but without your starting QB now out for the season, the team's dream of a Super Bowl appearance in 2017 is simply out of the question. The nature of football is the inevitability of injuries that ends quests for championships. Look at what happened to the Tennessee Titans who also lost now only the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars but also lost its chance for a playoff appearance as well as Marcus Marriota to a broken leg today. I mean Saturday Christmas Eve football wasn't too fortunate for both Marcus of Derek.
I really felt that the Oakland Raiders had an offense that could compete with as well as outscore the New England Patriots but without Derek Carr that simply isn't going to happen. That was a freak injury when his ankle was locked into the turf just as he was being tackled. Derek Carr immediately called for assistance so he must have heard the bone break. So unless something drastic happens in the AFC it looks as if the New England Patriots are in the "driver's seat" on the road to Houston, Texas on February 5, 2017. I think that the Dallas Cowboys will be hard to beat at home in any playoff game because they can run the football and aren't pass dependent. It is going to be damn near impossible for any NFC team to match up with the Cowboys offense at home but who know maybe the New York Giants defensive schemes can bother Dak Prescott or the Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan Express offense can deliver more points with quick passing strikes. I can't see any other team which includes the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, or the Green Bay Packers presenting a real challenge to Dallas Cowboys.
So the rookies(Dak & Elliott) will be facing the long in the tooth vets(Belichick & Brady) for the ultimate claim of Super Bowl Champions for the 2016-17 National Football League season.