Dec. 25, 2016

Thanks Mom & Dad For Truth Not Myths

I'll take this moment to thank my parents William & Rose Hall for never ever allowing us to fall for the Santa Claus lie. My daddy told me quite early that no one should get credit for another man's hard work and effort. My momma told me Santa was nowhere to be found in her bible and that Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Christ. They were my warriors of truth so when I was a very young boy I knew Santa was 6'2, black, and Mrs. Claus was 5'10 and black. I never ever sat in any strangers lap and was asked what I wanted for Christmas I simply asked my Mom and Dad who celebrated giving gifts and they gave it to me if they had it; which it seems they always did. Thanks, Mom and Dad and Happy Days of Good Fortune and Great Health to all. Santa and his reindeer's and elves aren't any way in the story of truth but only creating a mythology that can undermine the reality of honest work and effort by the actual providers.