Dec. 25, 2016

Santa's Worst Christmas Elves Seek Freedom

In the Continuing Tale of Santa's Worst Christmas now those pesky ass Elves, have followed Rudolph's path leaving Santa with a giant task of working on Christmas on his own sad fat ass.

Santa's Worst Christmas A Continuing Tale

Just yesterday as proud Rudolph flew away hopefully
headed towards life in a new way
Maybe that smart ass Rudolph got wind of Kwanza’s jubilee
So he’s most likely still filled with the Blackman's glee
Telling Santa and the entire mad crew
That times were a changing
The line in the sand that Rudolph had drew
That line was still growing strong causing much stew
So strong that it damn sure wouldn’t go away.
The pesky ass Elves saw a way to make some changes
based on yesterday facts they were no longer the sad sacks
Maybe the elves understood it wasn’t time to unpack
Because certainly, Santa was giving elves no more slack
Ho Ho Ho
Came Santa’s call the fog was now lifting
but that’s not all

For it seemed those damn elves didn’t answer the call
Ho Ho Ho
Dammit if you please
Ho Ho Ho
Don’t be a damn tease
The sleigh was empty and needed to be filled
Those damn pesky elves certainly understood the drill
Hell no, hell no started with a whimper
but soon very soon the sounds started to boon
Who was Santa talking no longer a bunch of buffoons
Those Elves had certainly seen Rudolph’s way
and now for sure it was going to be a brand new elf day.
No longer are Elves pawns for misuse
We’ve grown up damn Santa elves so don’t continue to be obtuse.
You thought you had us Elves all under the tree
Now Santa you fiend
All of us Elves will be seeking new scenes
Those pesky ass Elves once Santa’s, no more
Are simply tired as hell working for this big fat boor.
Those Elves are about to head out on a world tour.
No bags will be filled without some more pay for elves
Dammit Santa don’t you see it’s a new day
You took us for granted
Us elves never mentioned the slight
But Black Rudolph showed us elves we could get it right
You did all the bragging and got all the claim
From now on poor Santa, you need to refrain
We’re sorry this year that toys won’t be gotten
but people must know the Elves were downtrodden
Santa we all thought you were good but
Now poor Santa black people have spoken
We no longer want to be simply your tokens
You worked us poor elves like dogs no time for a clock
We Elves cry out for freedoms yet all could do for us
Were to get time and pay docked
No longer are Elves working on Santa's clock
So as we Elves has chosen to part
We Elves will simply find jobs for more pay at the marts
Guess what poor Santa it’s now just you and the crew
Let’s see what gets done now
As all of us, Elves are soon to depart
You Santa poor fool you could’ve escaped this damn plight
Now stupid Santa no time for a slight
More pay and you had us your life could be a delight
Adios, and goodbye us Elves as we go
Maybe we’ll take those damn reindeer and fly out of sight.
We left all the presents on wall, all untouched
So get to it Santa you need to take flight.
Don't look back Santa cause the Elves are gone. poof out of sight.