Dec. 26, 2016

Provoked Thought

President Obama said he could've won a third term but so could Eisenhower, Clinton, and even George Bush so what is that revelation supposed to be captivating? What about that statement should we be supportive. You could've, but guess what my President Obama a little thing like a constitutional amendment denied you and every other second-term winning president the opportunity.  Since FDR won four presidential elections and only was able to serve 3 complete terms and the constitution was changed. No president has the ability to win more than 2 presidential elections. If your party hadn't stunk up the electoral process this year all of the footprints that you created in government wouldn't be in jeopardy but y'all did mess it up. So we now have Donald Trump leading the nation and for that, I guess we can say what? Thank you? Thanks to the constitution for messing up a good thing, or maybe for FDR being greedy and seeking that 4th term but he had to the world was at war. So he felt obligated to maintain power. He simply couldn't beat the health clock that we all must battle.