Jan. 7, 2017

This Kid's Got A Problem

I don't follow Duke University basketball. I don't live in Durham, nor do I really care about a Blue Devil. However, it seems that everytime this kid Grayson Allen plays he has this knack of kicking his opponents. I mean it's reported and I read it. I don't go out of my way to watch Duke play. My historical perspective on Duke University goes back to my study of the Duke family who was the benefactors of that school. I mean the Duke's were known racists, who believed in the supremacy of the white race over people of color. Yet, this kid needs to be banned from college competitive sports because he seems not to be able to control his proclivity to kick.  Maybe, he kicked up a storm in his mother's womb and just can't so to speak "kick the habit" but if continues to do this on the basketball court the league needs to take immediate action. Maybe Grayson "Kicks" Allen should simply focus on soccer, punting, or field goals.