Jan. 12, 2017

In His Words My Voice, The Extended Sermon "Love Your Enemies"

B'more, Chi-Town, Philly, Oaktown, H-Town, Big D, The Apple, The Queen Cities, Twin Cities, Richmond, The A all these enclaves of potential black male talent stuck down in the dawn of their existence by brothers of the same cloth​ and color need to implement the love of each other. Just as The King professed in this sermon on the love of your enemies. No way would Dr. King had ever envisioned the scores of black bodies mounting and raising up in our city morgues because of our communities hatred of each other. This sermon is just as relevant today as it was on that fall day November 17, 1957. We need to learn to love our enemies as well well as looking within ourselves for redemption and love. We are indeed our brother's keepers.