Jan. 12, 2017

A Dog Is A Dog, Right?

Provoked Thoughts
The United States Senate which I think includes Democrats has the constitutional right of advising and consenting on President-Elect Donald Trump's (God I hate writing that) choices for the Federal Bench as well as to head the Government Agencies.
They must be diligent in the process and must not roll over like puppies in a pet shop looking to be purchased. The United States Senate Republicans gave President Obama's selection's pure hell and they completely ignored his final choice to replace Anton Scalia on the Supreme Court. So how sway is it that the blue dog democrats seem to love Trump choices so?
This is simply a mess, a damn mess, and the nation will be worst off simply because some of these blue dog democrats refuse to foster the strength to stand up on principle and honor and do the right thing. This is absolutely showing that truly there is no difference between a blue dog democrat and a rabid dog republican they both look to feed off the less fortunate and pick their bones clean.