Jan. 14, 2017

Thank You

On this MLK Weekend, I would like to give thanks to all those who give power to my voice and the programs that originated from my small embryonic​ idea to engage in the development of my website on that winter's night on December 16, 2015. It's been a struggle as I worked hard to recapture my voice on issues that concerned me personally. You all make me so sincerely happy that you are willing to hit my link to see exactly what this man has on his mind today. I love blogging because it represents an avenue that allows one to have his voice heard through the social network for time infinite. My projects Provoked Thoughts, Creative Expressions, In Their Words My Voice, and Project Uplift Literacy come from my commitment to arouse some intellectual and emotional energies towards change. It has taken me 62 years to truly find my voice so it is indeed never too late for any of us to lift forward; no matter our age or station. Enjoy this weekend and my the words, actions, and commitment or The King continue to motivate passion to true equality in this seemingly torn nation.