Jan. 14, 2017

Thank You, Mr. President Barack Obama, Eternal Love Dr. King

Listen, I may not have totally agreed with the policies of President Barack Obama. I criticized some of his inactions regarding specific urban, and educational issues. I also felt that in some cases his use of drones in the Middle East and in Africa was tragically abusive. I also wanted at least one person prosecuted in the national federal banking fiasco. Yet, after the Presidency of George W. Bush, President Obama, and his family lifted the spirits of a nation that continued to slip astray from any true measure of democratic principles of truth and justice for all peoples of this world. So on this weekend when the nation celebrates the birth of the drum major for truth and justice; a man who put the hopes and aspirations of his peoples before even his own life; a man who sought to look for the good in mankind rather than focus on some man's evil intents. I say that we should change our profile pics on all of our social media sites to one's dramatize both Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama. For it is my firm belief if not for King there would have never been an Obama. So even if you may deny or disagree with that the outgoing President's policies. You may even feel that President Obama didn't truly engage all of what you had hoped and sought change for. Barack Obama was a man of compassion, love, and had the will to seek to make this society more progressive and thought provoking, There can be no denying that in my mind. His election in 2008 gave hope to those who had been shutout of believing that he/she could ever reach the highest pinnacles of political power in this nation. Being first isn't ever easy because who are you compared or analyzed against? Barack Obama, for better or worst will always be the first elected man of color to the highest office in this nation. In the coming decades, he will be the person who will be the initial measuring rod for any person of color who precedes him. He was indeed in a difficult position which sometimes placed him at odds with those of the black community. Yet, President Obama still stood tall for what he felt was right in his thinking. So today on the day before we celebrate the birthday of the mightiest King of Justice. I will celebrate these eight years of presidential leadership of a man who honored the position with grace and dignity and handled his business holding mantle of this nation's leadership.