Jan. 17, 2017

In His Words My Voice

On April 3, 1967, Dr. John Hope Franklin delivered a powerful speech that encompassed the role of the Black American in the history of these United States. For far too long Blacks in America were shut out of the American story, they had either been misrepresented or virtually ignored. At that particular time, there was this national movement to introduce black studies courses over the country. The violence in the urban areas of this nation had precipitated in motivating some type of action to appease the discontented. At this lecture, Dr. Franklin laid it all of the ugliness to bear about the systematic neglect that White America had participated in for more than 3 centuries. I feel that this lecture needs to be heard in present time because so many of our young people in our communities aren't knowledgeable​ about the history of blacks in America. We package Black History into one month of time and even our communities neglect it for the other eleven. If our youth understood truly the dynamics and magnificence of our people in building this nation. Maybe they would value the lives more of each and every brother and sister in this country. Maybe, if our leaders read more history we as a community wouldn't be prone to revisit our mistakes over and over again. Progress of a people comes with the knowledge of that people's past experience blended with the actions of today and the hopes for a better tomorrow. #joesmokethoughts