Jan. 18, 2017

In His Words My Voice, Jonathan Gibbs

In today's session, we hear the words of Reverend Gibbs as he spoke about the Emancipation Proclamation that supposedly free over 4 million slaves from bondage on 1/1/1863. While the chains of bondage have disappeared in this nation of plenty, The chains of economic inequality and total justice still represent a major obstacle in our black communities 154 years to the present. Yesterday, Representative Steven King, Republican from New York talked about Martin Luther King Jr. dream of integration yet failed to mentioned that King's final dream dealt with economic equality and human rights. He like so many Americans have no real understanding of the needs of Black Americans they simply don't give a damn. Please watch my In His Words My Voice on this powerful speech from Rev. Gibbs.  Remember Black History should never be a Black Mystery, Black Americans don't need photo ops they need programs ops.