Jan. 21, 2017


"Black History Need Not Be A Black Mystery"

In My Words My Provoked Thoughts

When the Compromise of 1877 was implemented in the United States it effectively ended any chance of black progress and equality in the former Confederate States of the America. It directly affected probably 97% of the black citizens who resided in the entirety of the United States. Since the overwhelming percentage of blacks resided in former slaveholding states. So in essence, it shut the door immediately for blacks to gain any real sense of justice or equality. Out went the aims and ambitions of Reconstruction and in came the definite realities of massive loss and horrendous pain for Southern Black Americans. Since the so-called Emancipation Proclamation along with the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution provided no real legal or social remedy for freed slaves to gain any toehold in economic, or social equality. The case that every one of today's descendants of those black men and women deserves even today reparations is justified. American public policies have directly attributed to the lack of black economic and social growth in this nation. Even the civil rights bills of 1964 through 1967 provided no real remedy to balance the scales of economic justice in this country. So it is apparent that only a national public apology along with a set aside of some type of economic as well as a comprehensive societal remedy can resolve the divisive racial split that is present in this country today. Otherwise, envision a country perilously divided along the issue of color for another 100-200 years. The only salvation will be when color becomes the overwhelming predominant race in the United States as it currently is in the world today. So let's get to work to revitalize the blighted cities and communities of this country. By doing this maybe we can actually speed up the clock towards full equality to everyone of this planet's inhabitants.