Jan. 24, 2017

"Our History Need Not Be A Black Mystery" In His Words My Voice

Thurgood Marshall, wasn’t a perfect man no man who lives on this earth for any long period of time lives his life in perfection. However, Thurgood Marshall had an inner desire to seek perfect justice for black and white people in the United States and that lifelong mission is more than enough to hold Thurgood Marshall in the highest of esteem. ​Thurgood Marshall also strongly believed in the virtue of American constitutional law and it’s ability to fight the oppressive forces of bigotry, hate, and repression of black Americans. Thurgood Marshall believed that forces of integration would overcome the embedded forces of institutional racism. Thurgood Marshall was a stout integrationist who never seemingly wavered that in the final analysis in America man’s humanness would defeat man’s propensity to act against the grander democratic principles of an evolving Constitution. Thurgood Marshall never settled for a stance any less than the stance of complete citizenship for any American regardless of race, creed, or social stature. You may disagree with his premise of how effective integration was, or should be but you can never waver in Thurgood Marshall’s love for people of color. He didn’t want a separate America that ignored the rights of the many for the protection of the rights of the few.