Jan. 25, 2017

Damn That Got Me To Thinking

Provoked Thoughts

Growing up in the 60's the All-American married couple was Rob and Laura Petrie and the one son Ritchie. I clearly remember the show so vividly, the one thing I noticed early on was that the Petrie's had no at that time negro friends, or neither, did Joan and Ward Cleaver, or their sons Wally and the Beaver neither did Steve Douglas, and his three sons Mike, Robbie, or Chip or even Ernie. Come to think of it neither Jim Anderson, or Margaret Anderson, or their children Betty, Bud, and Kathy had even one Negro friend. You wonder why we the black communities were so screwed up psychologically. If all you saw day in and day out was a wide world of white. You would have negative social and emotional effects bordering on multiple neuroses as well. Add that to Jim and Jane Crow and can I get an amen on our survival instincts. It's a miracle that we were even able to sing "we shall overcome" because in the world of media and entertainment "we were actually overrun". Rest in Peace Mary Tyler Moore.