Jan. 26, 2017

Black History Should Never Be A Black Mystery

Black History Should Never Be A Black Mystery

My Birthday Tribute, My Mental Delight, Protect Black History With All Of My Might




What’s the mystery about black people’s history

You see there are tons and tons of misery in black people’s history

So why put the covers on and blanket up that misery

Why do you continue to blinds on all our historical finds

Seeking truth in black history is ducking intellectual mines

Purposely placed to keep black folks in historical binds

You see hiding us from our history blows even the soundest of minds

Listen to some white folks and you’d think blacks were the dredges of mankind

All you hear of is King having a dream when really King had just started to scream

For he knew most of America wasn’t interested in joining his equality for all team

You see there’s a reason that black history is blind

You see White America had to keep our thoughts misaligned

There is also a reason that the founders declined

When the constitution was being written 

They loved slavery more than their hate for Great Britain

So they gave freedom to white men and confined blacks to the slave pens

Even when this nation was being torn asunder

The Rights for black folks they continued to plunder

Why pass all these civil rights bills it damn sure makes you wonder

It seems more and more that the haters will never knuckle under

Even if the calls for justice are crashing as loud as God’s immeasurable thunder

So if we are to move forward we must continue to look back

You see in America blacks have always fought back

With the longest of odds against us, we have never ever cracked

Even when the haters of justice and truth launched a full frontal attack

Oh we may have backtracked, been sidetracked, been bushwhacked

Had some of our dreams hijacked, seen some of our own people take kickbacks,

Had plenty of promised programs setback, had our homes and hopes ransacked,

Had to endure living in decrepit shacks, drank too much damn cognac,

Had to listen to negative feedback, had truth and justice rollbacks

Had numerous community drawbacks, had educational cutbacks,

Had violent and harsh flashbacks, but you know what my people

Through all of this our dreams, hopes, and aspirations

Still remains strong and ready for flight

We remain strong because our past was right

So many of our people gathered up all of their might

That’s why our dreams rest powered on life’s tarmac

Even though our history is littered and torn with slights

Our youth and all others must be prepared for the fight

So ignore all those who think black folks history is trite

So many of them are simply not bright

Darkened by hate they hide in plain sight 

So why is there this mystery about our own black history

It should never, ever, ever be a need to cover up our history

You see it’s own our hands this history to protect and share our magnificent, wondrous history

That’s why our black history should never be a black mystery.