Jan. 27, 2017

It's Going To Be A Really Big Wall, The Misadventures of Donald "The Mad Hatter" Trump

It’s going to be a really big wall

Why the Mexican people will be having a ball

Hell, Cinco De Mayo Day will run from May 5th until fall

All because of this really big wall

Donald Trump haters will be behind the eight ball

No one will think Donald’s a screwy oddball

The Mexican Government will pay for the haul

They damn sure gonna pay for all of the wall

If not Trump’s gonna drop a huge fireball

Listen America to Donald we’re in for a windfall

All because Donald is in love with this damn wall

Guess what America the Electoral College answered his call

Now all of America had better start to crawl

Because the Mad Hatter is going build that damn wall

Otherwise get ready for Donald to start a big brawl

If us and the Mexicans don’t pay for that wall.