Jan. 27, 2017

She Lied, He Died

"Our Black History Need Not Be A Black Mystery"
She Lied, He Died

I just had to respond to this Vanity Fair article in which Carolyn Bryant admits to lying about her interaction with a 14-year-old Emmitt Till. Emmitt paid the ultimate price for that lie. He was savaging beaten, burned, and castrated and left in the Tallahatchie River like a slab of meat.

Carolyn Byant lied
Because of that
Emmitt Till died
Please, God, don't let that woman slide
You see her racial hatred turned the tide
Poor Emmitt's mom had to cry
No one was ever truly tried
Those killers walked around with so much pride
Due to Carolyn's filthy lie
Race, bigotry, hatred did collide
In Emmitt's casket, we all looked horrified
Now she is on death's bedside
Please, my God, don't let this woman slide?
Make sure she's judged for that lie
You see no one paid and Emmitt died