Jan. 28, 2017

The Saturday Installment of the Misadventures of Donald "The Mad Hatter" Trump, and his Minions

Did our newly confirmed United Nation's Envoy Nicki Haley just call out the entire world of nations with a cry of "we're taking names", either you have our back or else, to the entire world?
Hell, the Berlin Wall was torn down let's build us a new one, the Cold War is over, hell, let's start us a new one, with the entire Islamic world. Can't call it a Cold War because Russia elected us in office. So we will call it what?
You looking for names, Trumpites? How about the "Jackasses Adventures"? Or, how about "The Mad Hatter's Bounce To Get The USA Trounced"?
What in the world is the ghost of Adlai Stevenson thinking? This fool has the codes and dammit we need them back!