Jan. 29, 2017

The Ongoing Misadventures of Donald "The Mad Hatter" Trump

The Misadventures of Donald "The Hatter" Trump
Joe Smoke Provoked Thoughts
So what's on the menu today Mad Hatter, oh what shall you do today to evoke and provoke all-around hatred and confusion in the State's and the world? You have engaged and enraged and you are certainly are no sage, you are about to sane folks on the rampage.
Well, how about this one I going to whiten but not brighten The National Security Council. I am going to bring a known Nazi on the National Security Council so that I, The Mad Hatter, steps back into the past I will ensure that hatred and bigotry continue to last and true democracy and social justice is holding on by its last grasp. The hell if America's Constitution is thrown in the damn trash. Welcome aboard Steve Bannon, we know how you see your view of justice with those purely white eyes and spreading white supremacy is the main prize.