Jan. 31, 2017

Provoked Super Thoughts

Tuesday Musings
Super Thoughts
Even though I don't consider myself a Dallas Cowboys of Oakland Raiders fan. I would have loved to have seen a matchup of these 2 teams for Sunday's Super Bowl, but it didn't happen. Both of those teams had dimensional players who bring exciting dynamics to a football game. Since my Ravens are home on the couch along with 30 other teams. I guess I need to write about the Super Bowl since it's Super Bowl Tuesday Media Day in Houston, Texas. Super Bowl week #51, I have followed every game since #1 when the Green Bay Packers demolished the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. So I guess I better get going with some type of blog on my provoked thoughts. It's funny but I had to ask myself this morning exactly who was playing for the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday along with those rings the size of damn pink on steroids grapefruits. Tell me again how do they put those rings on?
Please just don't tell me it's the New Squealing Patriots playing again? How do they manage to be in this game seemingly every damn year? Can we have one Super Bowl matchup without "dingy sweatshirt man" prowling the sidelines? How old exactly is Tom Shady? I understand that Housewives of Atlanta have sideline passes. Who gets clocked first Kenya, or Porsche? You know Porsche Williams, the granddaughter of Hosea Williams, who quizzingly asked where the tracks were for the Underground Railroad? What in the hell is a Matty Ice? Is it a new type of snowball, or freeze cup to lick or suck on? Oh well, just another game, with 10 million dollar commercials and something to keep us occupied while the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Who did you got in the big matchup between Porsche or Kenya? The game, the football game who do you got? Eeny Meeny Miny Moe I just hope the game don't blow.